When Research is Hard… Eat Chocolate

The first draft of my work-in-progress (WIP) was the easy part…

But then, the plot hole needed fixing.

Then the revising.

And then I hit that wall in the research department.

So now, I’m eating chocolate.

A lot of it.

Yesterday, hubby told me to add peanut m&m’s to the Costco list. I changed it to chocolate almonds in my brain. So now, instead of a giant bag of m&m’s for hubs to bring to work, we now have a giant bag of chocolate almonds that we aren’t willing to share at all.

I love writing. But what about when you get tired of your WIP because you have worked on it forever and you just want to move onto the next story that’s calling your name?

And what about when it’s summertime and the kids are home and there’s no time or energy space to work on that story that’s been calling your name every day for the past month but you’ve had no time?

I’m trying my best to make the most of these months. My youngest starts school this year and I want to make the best memories and have the most fun with them. Truly.

But in those tiny windows I get to write and research, could the info not just come a little easier?


Okay. Then chocolate it is.

In the meantime, if you have any great resources on 1920’s aristocracy in England – specifically on how titles and estates were passed on (and loopholes in the system), I’ll be here.

Eating chocolate.

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  • Lilly Hubert

    I’m all for chocolate Amy and I know you’ll be over the hump soon! I found your book riveting from the first page! God has His hand on your story! I happen to love historical fiction and we enjoy learning more about our Canadian history. We have some great stories that are true and intriguing! Reading about it in a Christian historical novel is a fun way way to preserve our Canadian roots and heritage! So I say, Yay, Bring on the chocolate and I might add a good cup of coffee! Love Mom

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