Why I Went Pro With My Website Theme

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Frustrated with Limitations on the Free Side

I have used so many free themes—on this website, and my former website. The past few years I stuck with the free version of Ashe and really liked it. I’d look around at other themes and constantly came back to Ashe.

Eventually, I got frustrated with the limitations of the free version (only took a decade . . . don’t be like me). Hubby and I talked it over, and I took the plunge. It wasn’t a big plunge . . . under $30 USD (at the time, I’m not sure what it is today).

Free to Pro – Why You Should Too

If you’re taking this website thing seriously, then I do recommend you purchase a theme. You have way more options and can really make your blog or business website your own. Of course, I suggest Ashe Pro. Here’s a link for more info, and to purchase.

It has been so fun working with Ashe Pro. One recommendation I do have, though. If you have a website you’ve already been developing, then don’t use the demo import. It will override what you have and you’ll have to take some time moving things around. Granted, I was able to fix things up pretty quickly. If you’re starting a website from scratch then Ashe Pro’s demo import would be a great starting ground for you.

I’m super happy with my website, and I think the overall look of it speaks for itself. I’m constantly tweaking it and I love how there are 14 different designs in Ashe Pro to choose from. And it’s so user friendly! Here is a screen shot of 6 of the Ashe Pro theme examples you get access to after going pro.

Rock the Presentation of Your Website with Ashe Pro

If you’re tired of being limited with what you can do for the presentation of your website, I highly recommend choosing Ashe Pro. It works so well for me whether I’m writing a blog post, a recipe, a review . . . you could also try the free version for a bit to see if you’re a fan. Also, Ashe Pro has a 30 day money back guarantee (you’d have to check their website for details there . . . I obviously didn’t require a refund).

Personal and Multi-Author WordPress Blog Theme.  Perfect for personal, lifestyle, food, travel, fashion, corporate, photography and any other kind of amazing blogs.  Well documented and very easy to use even for WordPress beginners. Clean and Modern Responsive design will perfectly showcase your content. You just need to write and be awesome!

– Ashe Pro’s Website

Do you use Ashe Pro? Do you use a purchased theme? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments.

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