Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig | Book Review

This was a very interesting read. Fast paced, full of adventure, mystery, suspense…

I haven’t read from Ronie Kendig before and she had me on the edge of my seat!

Back Cover

Does an Ancient Book of Prophecy Hold the Answers to Saving the World . . . Or Predict Its Destruction? 

Mentioned in the pages of the Old Testament but lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold secrets–and dangers–never before seen on earth. 

Tasked with capturing the ancient text, former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe is once more given command of his own team. But their best efforts are ruined when a notorious Bulgarian operative known as Viorica snatches the volume right out from under them.

Iskra “Viorica” Todorova is determined to use the book to secure the thing that matters most–freedom. But a series of strange storms erupts around the globe, and the coming dangers foretold in the text threaten crops, lives, and entire nations. Though both are haunted by secrets of the past and neither trusts the other, Leif and Iskra must form an uneasy alliance to thwart impending disaster. However, the truth hidden in centuries-old words could unleash a storm of their own destruction.

My Review

Iskra’s character is complex. I loved how this character was developed, and her motivation for finding the Book of Wars was more than it seemed.

You’ll feel frustrated with Iskra, feel compassion for Iskra, you’ll probably want Leif to run from Iskra… and then you’ll want Leif to save Iskra. Before or after Iskra fights Leif or is it before/after she saves him? I’m still not sure what I think, so I guess I’ll have to see where book two takes them. I still don’t trust Iskra, no doubt Leif doesn’t either.

I think what I loved the most about Ronie’s writing in this book was her descriptions. I could really see the scenes, feel the action & tension. Ronie really has a way of painting a picture with her words. For this reason alone I would read more of her books.

This story will leave you wondering what book 2 holds. I give Storm Rising a 4.5. Be sure to pick up this book for yourself or your action loving book reading loved one!

About the Author

Ronie Kendig is an award-winning, bestselling author of over twenty novels. She grew up an Army brat, and now she and her Army-veteran husband live outside New York City with their children and a retired military working dog. Ronie’s degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of intense, raw characters. Visit her at

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I was given a copy of this novel from the publisher. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.