The Sowing Season by Katie Powner | Book Review

I’ve been a review blogger for Bethany House for nearly three years now. Today I get to review a BHP debut by my dear friend Katie Powner—squeal!—and it’s so good. I could hear her wit come off the page as I read.

I’m excited to share my thoughts with you. Spoiler: I give it 5 stars. No question.

But, first, the back cover.

Back Cover

Can an unlikely friendship give them the courage to start again?

Forced to sell the dairy farm he’s worked his entire life to make successful, Gerrit Laninga, now sixty-three, doesn’t know what to do with himself. He sacrificed everything for his cows—his time, his health, his family—with nothing to show for it but bitterness, regret, and two grown children who want nothing to do with him.

Fifteen-year-old Rae Walters is stricken with panic every time she climbs behind the wheel. But any failure, including not passing her driver’s test, jeopardizes The Plan–the detailed blueprint for high school and beyond that has her following in her lawyer father’s footsteps. Though she’s always been committed to The Plan, now that the pressure to succeed is building, doubts about whether she has what it takes begin to haunt her. What was supposed to unite her family in purpose could end up tearing it apart.

As their paths cross and a friendship begins to form, Gerrit’s and Rae’s lives change in unexpected ways. Will they discover what really matters in life and together learn it’s never too late for a second chance?

“Powner debuts with an enjoyable tale of friendship between a retired farmer and a teen girl, both of whom are struggling to find their place in the world. . . . This is an excellent tale of family, friendship, and finding one’s path.”–Publishers Weekly

“Packed with poignancy and meaning, Powner’s debut novel delivers life lessons that cross generations and will linger long after the last page is turned. If Powner has more stories like this, she will be the next big star in Christian fiction.”–Library Journal starred review –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Powner had me laughing and crying in her debut contemporary novel. My kids were wondering what was so funny. I made my husband listen to my favorite lines and he couldn’t help but laugh with me.

The Sowing Season is a tale of redemption and forgiveness. Of family and restoration.

And of friends, on their own journey to healing, becoming like family.

This line was amongst my favorites:

Gerrit gripped the rail, staring down at the land at the bottom of the hill, wondering how one place could hold so much joy and pain.

– THE SOWING SEASON by Katie Powner

Joy and pain. This depicts The Sowing Season to a T. There was pain. But then there was so much laughter. It’s a deeply moving story with Katie’s quick wit to surprise you even in the serious moments. Pretty sure I laughed so hard I cried, and cried again in the sad parts, and again when beautiful reconciliation scenes moved me to more tears. Only a well written story can provoke this much emotion.

Katie brought her A game with her debut. She has an innate ability to bring her setting and characters to life on the page . . . the human ones and the animals too. Confession: while many will choose Bernard as their favorite animal in the book, I choose Daisy. Don’t hate me.

Katie Powner is one to watch for. Pick up her debut at or And be sure to watch for her next novel coming in 2021.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review. I just love it when I get to review books that are this easy to rave about.

About the Author

Katie Powner is an award-winning author who lives in rural Montana where cows still outnumber people. She’s a two-time OCW Cascade Award and ACFW First Impressions Award winner. Katie is the biological and adoptive mother of three and foster mother to many more. To learn more, visit