It’s a New Season

This time of year represents a new beginning for many. Where I live, kids are going back to school today. Kinders all the way up to University.

I am the youngest of four sisters, and let me tell you, our seasons are different and the same all at once. My two eldest sisters sent off their college kids while I sent off my youngest for the first time. To be honest, I probably cried the least… and I only held back my tears because my son didn’t show any signs of any tears at all. All three of my sisters have high schoolers, and one of my sisters also has one still had home with her. Somehow, my sisters and I – in one form or another – have new beginnings in our homes.

Today was a big day for our family. We now have a kinder and first-grader. Where has the time gone?

It’s a day we have all been waiting on and have been feeling all sorts of emotions.





It’s bittersweet. Summer is over. Fall is here, even if sweater-weather is not quite. But when I dropped my kids off today, do you know what I noticed more than anything else? They were peaceful.

And it’s what I prayed for.

And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7 NET

And it’s a new season for me, too. A season of writing.

I’m even writing from my new Writing Studio. My hubby took the time to paint it for me. Photos to come (I still have some finishing touches to make on the decor). Be sure to follow my instagram if you want to see it coming along.

At the beginning of the summer the Lord impressed on my heart to put aside most of the writing projects and focus on spending time with my hubby and kids.

But now, the light is green, and I am… well, I am freaking out a little. In a good way. My mind is going in about ten different ways. There are about two months of ideas and goals that have stockpiled in my brain and I have to choose where to start.

So I will seek Him.

I will seek God’s heart.

I’m excited about the story He gave me that I get to read and revise again. I’m pleased with the list of blog posts I have begun (I mentioned the stockpiling right?). I’m excited to read some of my friends projects that I’ve had for way too long. I’m looking forward to doing more research into Canada in the 1920’s and hopefully getting writing my next story soon. Oh, and mail chimp… ya, I’m going to figure mail chimp out.

Since I love worship and love to share what I’m listening to, I hope you’ll listen to this song that I have had on repeat since Sunday.

In this new season, I will give thanks. And I will not worry, because God’s not.

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  • Lilly Hubert

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Amy. You described to a T the happenings of our beloved family that we all love and pray for and the new seasons! This grabbed my interest and pulled at my heartstrings! Love you lots! Mom.

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