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A Review~Mama’s Got Anxiety by Courtney Devich

Before I share my review, let’s look at the back cover.

Back Cover

Mama, it’s time to take back your joy

All moms worry, right? But if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, that worry can quickly become debilitating. You know your time with your kids is precious, but the worry, fear, and anxiety conspire to steal your joy.

In Mama’s Got Anxiety, fellow anxious mom Courtney Devich helps you understand all the anxious feelings you’re facing so you can cope and take your joy back. Equipping you with biblical hope and encouragement, she shows you

– the truth to combat the lies you’ve believed about your anxiety
– the strength from God’s Word to face all the feelings and symptoms of anxiety
– how anxiety is not a sign of weak faith or something to be ashamed of
– how God can use your anxiety for good

You don’t have to let your anxiety steal your joy in motherhood. Instead, let Courtney show you the comfort God gives.

My Review

Although I currently don’t face the hardships that Mama’s Got Anxiety refers to, I believe I have encountered a season or two (or three) of them in my life. Like when I experienced intense anxiety (thanks to military-spouse life), depression (baby blues, thankfully with only one out of my three), and panic attacks (when I had an allergic reaction that covered me in plate-sized hives). I can’t fathom having any, or all three, of these on an on-going bases.

So while I don’t deal with the level of anxiety or chronic-nature of it that the author deals with in Mama’s Got Anxiety, I learned a lot. I have a friends and loved ones that deal with anxiety, depression, and/or panic attacks ongoing and this book helped me to better understand what they face. For me what helped was support from family and a church counsellor, scripture, and worship. Because of how scary those seasons were for me I feel so much compassion for others struggling in this way.

If you are going through ongoing anxiety, fear, panic attacks consider picking Courtney Devich’s book up. I love how Devich points to scripture repeatedly. She will tell you in the pages that she’s not an expert, but this book is meant to be like a mama-friend encouraging you. Though the topic was heavy, Devich’s writing voice made it for an easy read. Like having a cup of coffee with a friend. Mama’s Got Anxiety is a very raw and relatable resource for Christian moms. Check it out!

4 stars from me! You can purchase your copy of Mama’s Got Anxiety by Courtney Devich on and It releases September 5, 2023.

About the Author

Courtney Devich is a mama relying on Jesus and reheated coffee every day. Using humor, honesty, and relatability, she writes with a heart for the mom struggling with anxiety or depression. Her writing has appeared in Her View From Home, TODAY Parents, and For Every Mom, among others. Courtney is a former human resources professional, using her leadership skills to manage kids as a stay-at-home mom. You can find her in the Starbucks line at her local Target, binge-watching TV with her husband, or chasing after a kid (or two) at her home in Michigan.

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